for Funeral Directors

Serving Funeral Directors all over the United States, ECS® stands ready to serve your families with compassion and respect. We are the answering service chosen by the best Directors in the industry.

You may serve 30 families per year, or 1300. Large or small, your funeral service is important to your community. We believe our job is to be an extension of your funeral home. Our goal is to bring transparency to the telecommunication side of your business. Your callers will feel like they have been served directly by you.

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How ECS's Answering Service can help your Funeral Services

All of your calls are recorded and sent directly to your voicemail box. You can hear how we handle your calls firsthand. We maintain records for each call containing caller ID, duration, time, and other parameters. All calls may be scripted. This enables us to customize the messages we take for you. We get the information you need for each type of call, without wasting your time or the time of your callers. ECS® maintains all of your arrangement information, and we deliver that to your callers just as you would. Our call center operators are trained to understand how your business works.

What other Funeral Services are saying about ECS®

"Our answering service does a wonderful job. We could not expect a service to be as professional as they are. When our service handles our calls after hours, the caller would never know that is a service. They would think it was one of our experienced staff members. Our Service answers questions and handles situations that come up - just like our staff. Our answering service is #1!"

John and Betty Eggers

"Answer promptly, distinctly, and accurately with a nice professional manner. They are wonderful!"

Colleen Curran-Bromwell

"As a client of ProComm we have been very pleased with the attitude and proper handling of our business when they are answering our calls. They will make sure that all is well with us at all times."

Charles H. Oglesby, Jr.

"We have been using ProComm for our answering service for the past 3 years. The operators go out of their way to handle all the calls with utmost dignity and respect and if not sure of a situation will call us to make sure it handled correctly. Before we used ProComm, we used another service in [another state] and could not believe the difference in quality and price. I can highly recommend ProComm to any company looking for a dependable answering service."

Robert w. Seawright

"Prompt and courteous with our calls. We are always happy with the service"

Paula Petty Dotson

"Thank you for the gratifying way you represent Rubin Memorial Chapel. It's comforting to know that we are in capable hands with ProComm."

Rubin Memorial Chapel Staff

"...I would like to express our satisfaction with ProComm's highly skilled and professional service for funeral homes. When I send my phones to the answering service, I know they will do everything to treat my families the same as I would when I answer the phones myself. They are prompt, polite, and they keep me informed..."

Betty Purcell