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ECS® serves DME, Home Health, and Hospice organizations all over America with exceptional telephone answering services. Understanding the key differences in these businesses is critical to proper call handling. We train operators in terminology and basic business functions of these health industries. Every call is precisely scripted. This enables us to determine, according to your criteria, which calls are dispatched and which calls are held for the next business day.

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How ECS® can help your Home Health, Hospice, or DME company

In a very competitive environment, we understand your need to serve your patients well. We also understand the need for you to live up to the expectations of your referral sources. ECS® will not let you down. We can handle patient calls and referral calls flawlessly every time. Our goal is to seamlessly handle all calls for you. From Agent Training to Disaster Preparedness, ECS® has likely already addressed your biggest concerns when it comes to choosing a provider for your answering service.

What others Home Health Services, Hospices, and DME companies are saying about ECS®

"....Best change I've made in a long time for our Home Health division. They handle our centralized intake seamlessly, and we get great feedback from our referrals sources. Great Job ProComm!"

B. Richards, RN

"ProComm is the best service we've ever used. Period. The are truly experts at handling the afterhours calls."

Medi Home Care Staff